UWONET@20 and 2nd National Women’s Week


Acknowledging Our Diversities and Celebrating Our Unity

UWONET@20 Final


Over the past 20 years, UWONET has focused on promoting women’s human rights through a a vibrant, dynamic, and proactive women’s movement that is inclusive, united in diversity, democratic and highly able to achieve a collective voice on women and gender issues that influence and shape their destiny.

To date, UWONET’s contribution to good governance, gender equality and equity has widely been acknowledged by government, citizens, women, and the media and development partners. In a country where women continue to be constrained by marginalization and violation of their rights in the name of religion and culture, UWONET emerged to challenge the status quo and give hope to millions of Ugandan women who were suffering in silence.


The UWONET 20th Anniversary commemoration will provide a unique opportunity to recreate the Ugandan woman’s narrative by putting it in perspective to motivate and energize the women’s movement and use their constructive energy to set and implement an achievable agenda for gender equality as well as social, economic and political development of Uganda.

In addition, the 2nd National Women’s Week will provide a space for the sharing of information in order that the everyday experiences and challenges of women’s organizations inform research, the outcomes of which can, in turn, feed back into the practice of these organizations. The sharing of knowledge and of daily experiences during the dialogues will facilitate the process of naming the problem/challenge, understanding successes and failures, and exploring avenues/strategies to tackle obstacles to gender equality.


To celebrate and consolidate past achievements in policy influence and engagement for women’s rights, gender equality and national development and further inform future engagements on gender transformation and women’s rights.

The specific objectives of the 20th Anniversary events are:

  • Take stock of UWONET’s key achievements and challenges in policy advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality in the last 20 years
  • Create a platform to elaborate actions and explore avenues to strengthen the women’s movement in Uganda
  • Celebrate women’s organizing and influence in political, social and economic development

Key Activities

  • A journey of passion – a documentation of UWONET’s Journey A process of reflection on where we came from, where we are and where we want to go!
  • Launch of the Gender Based Violence (GBV) Shelter in Kamuli District
  • Mentorship Sessions with High School and Tertiary Students
  • UWONET Open day – to celebrate 20 years of promoting women’s human rights.
  • Visit to Luzira Prison – Women’s Wing:
  • Debate with Women Market Vendors:
  • Celebrating Women’s Diversity  – cultural theme night. The cultural theme night is an opportunity of women and men to share their cultures with the greater women’s movement.
  • Award Ceremony – to honor the excellence of women who have led UWONET since her inception.

Expected Outcomes

The 20th Anniversary event is expected to formulate pertinent recommendations geared towards strengthening the capacity of UWONET, women’s rights organizations and the women’s movement at large.


The dates of the 20th anniversary celebration have been scheduled for 20th – 24th October 2014.


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