A synopsis of SGBV index in the Ugandan print media for 2015

A synopsis of SGBV index in the print media 2015

The terms “Gender-Based Violence” and “Violence against Women” are used to refer to a range of abuses committed, that stem from gender inequality and women’s subordinate status in society.

Gender Based Violence and/ Violence against women is one of the most shameful and pervasive   human rights violation. It is a public health crisis, and an obstacle to equality, development, security, and peace.  Gender-based violence is a major problem faced by women in the world with over 70 percent of violence faced by women within homes and yet getting out of such abusive or violent relationship is a very difficult decision for majority to make.


In Uganda, Gender based violence in the form of physical, sexual and psychological abuse is prevalent in the country. About three in five of ever-married women (60 percent) have experienced any kind of violence (physical, sexual or emotional) by a husband or other intimate partner. Physical violence among women aged 15-49 was 43 percent while sexual violence was at 28 percent (UDHS 2011).


Uganda Women’s Network (UWONET) indexed SGBV cases in the print media, namely:  the New vision, Daily Monitor, Bukedde and the Observer. The cases recorded include: rape, defilement, murder, abandonment, physical torture, neglect, arson, physical violence, human sacrifice and kidnap. A summary of the cases recorded from January to December 2015 is as follows: It’s important to note that while GBV is recorded every day in the media, many cases go unreported. Many of the victims are left distressed; living in fear or infected with HIV.



1,005 SGBV cases recorded Total number of cases recorded from the print media, for the period January to December 2015
183 women raped and defiled Girls and women defiled and raped. These are living in distress and fear. They might be infected with HIV and shunned by the communities they live in.
 284 murder cases 50.1 % of these were in the central region

59 cases out of these were women

65% of cases         from the central region  followed by 131 cases from Eastern region and 101 cases from the Western part of the country
76% of victims of cases were women and children second quarter of the year Many do not report cases of violence because they have lost hope in the justice system. Besides this, many cases never make it to court.
? ? ? The number of cases thoroughly investigated by the Police cannot be told.









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