Women Candidates Hand Book: 2016 General Elections in Uganda.

Project Description

In Uganda, women make up over 51 percent of the population1. Unfortunately, the current level of participation and representation of
women in politics and decision–making processes is inadequate. In a democratic state it is essential that government and its institutions, their policies and their allocation of resources reflect the views and concerns of all citizens. The legal right for women to participate in politics and the decision–making process is hampered by a number of factors which should be addressed if Uganda is to attain its development goals.
It is recognized that, among other factors, insufficient information on women’s rights and the different roles that they can play has contributed greatly to the limited effective participation and representation of women in decision making processes. It is therefore on this account that WDG has compiled information on how to address the gender barriers that hinder women from actively participating in leadership and decision making and tips on how to overcome these barriers.
The handbook looks at the role women play as: candidates, voters, political party members and supporters, and political activists, in respect to the: importance of women taking up leadership roles; the challenges they face in doing so; and the ways through which they can overcome these challenges. The handbook also provides the legal bases for which women can run for political office and practical tips on how to run a successful campaign amongst others.
It is our hope that the hand book will go a long way in enhancing civic awareness among Ugandan women and the general public by increasing the understanding of the women’s role in leadership and decision making. We more so hope that candidates in particular and the general citizenry will find this handbook that is met as a point of reference for women candidates and leaders across political lines useful.

Women Candidates Hand Book: 2016 General Elections in Uganda. (115 downloads)

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